Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going to Print.

I've just placed the order for the last in a series of three proofs of the print version of Remnant.  If it looks good to go this time, it will go to both retail sites (including the print house, and Amazon, etc.) within the next couple of weeks.  Each of the previous versions, I've found some format problem and have had to redo the proof. Or the cover didn't look right. Or, the author just is hard to please.

If (and I hope I have the bugs out of it this time) these proofs are good as-is, I'll place a bulk order from Lulu and sell them directly.  It looks like the price to me is a little bit more than the previous two books (it's also a little longer, so maybe that's the driver), but I'll probably stick with the $30 book-and-autograph-and-ship price.

So, I should have my review copies in hand within the next week.  We'll post updates on that as I plow through the book for the zillionth time.

There's also a nice little tease on the back cover, that will remain only on the back cover (Dang I'm a tease.)


  1. I am looking forward the the print copies as soon as they become available. I prefer a hard copy book rather than reading an online version so I have held out and not read the story on the blog. I have a spot reserved next to Deep Winter and Shatter on my bookshelf.

  2. So, 'tis now October, 2010...has Remnant gone to print? I, too, prefer an actual book in my hands and have resisted reading this online in anticipation of a print version. Thanks for your good work


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