Saturday, September 4, 2010

Books and Boxes and Wrapping Paper and Tape....

I received the first batch of books for direct sale on Friday, and posted a few notes on a couple of forums that I frequent (,, The Tree Of Liberty, and a couple others) and have around five books left.  Time to place another order I suppose--a pleasant surprise, and many thanks to our readers!

The books, either singly or in a bundle of all three, can be bought directly through me at the Paypal address of:   or through my snailmail address....

T.C. Sherry
P.O. Box 14443
Spokane Valley, WA  99214

The 'single' copies are $30 each, (be sure to tell me how you'd like them inscribed, or I'll simply autograph them) including shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 or to any APO.  The 'bundled' set of Deep Winter, Shatter, and Remnant sell for $80 each due to a break we get on shipping.  I suppose that price would apply to multiple copies of a single title too, if you want to get your friends and families addicted to the story.

I'm working on getting international rates figured out---I know there are a bunch of folks down in Oz that would like to get hardcopies without sacrificing a limb to do so--I'll see what I can do.


I started working on 'Distance' (the next book) a couple of days ago, and hope to knock out a chapter or two this week, including some time this weekend as we're currently being whacked by a duststorm that Rick Drummond would be proud of.   The dirt in the air is thick enough to have chased me out from underneath the fender of the 4x4, where I'm replacing ball joints.  Note to readers: It is worth it to pay someone to have this done. 

In a perfect world, I'd like to get a chapter or more done per week this fall, and once I get a bit of a head start, then I can start posting.  When 'Deep Winter' was being written, I was usually about three chapters ahead of the 'posted' chapters, which let me fix things and keep continuity to acceptable levels and not muck things up too much.  I'd like to get back into that pattern again with both 'Distance' and 'Frontier.'   We'll see what life throws me!