Monday, August 30, 2010

We're in print.

Finally, after much tribulation, getting the ISBN number and working through issues with, the book looks good.  More expensive than I'd like for a retail book.  Contact me directly for signed copies....I'm placing my order tonight for the first batch of books for direct sale...the books will be available through Amazon, Lulu, etc., similar to the first two, and I'm looking at putting a bundle deal together if folks want to purchase all three in one whack.

The first three spare copies that I have, with a couple errors that were fixed prior to the allegedly final version, will be sent out this week to some old friends...

The summer has flown by; the to-do list (both fun stuff and work) remains largely unexecuted; and things continue to de-volve. Hopefully more later this evening, when I may have a chance to come up for air.

Why am I in this basket, and why is it so warm?

Best regards,

Tom S.