Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tom, where ya been?

Well, it's not complicated.

Tied up in a building project (relocated our company) which has consumed a vast amount of time since January, aside from "real work" in my day job;  seemingly endless project stuff at the house, a rebuild project at our church (arson fire); and the youngest is graduating from college in a couple of weeks.

That said, I will have the next-to-last chapter of Distance up by the end of the weekend.

Happy Easter, everyone.  He is Risen Indeed.


  1. Take your time, it is a thrill anytime a new chapter shows up.

  2. Hey Tom, we do sometimes gets in the way of the things that we are wanting to do.

    Looking forward to that next chapter!

    He is risen!


  3. I have really been enjoying reading this. I have the other 3 books on my kindle. Some of the very few books I have bought.

  4. Oh no! I just read Chapter 59 and if I understand your post above, there is only 1 more chapter? There's a lot to wrap up in one chapter. I hope it ends well.
    Happy Easter, Tom.

  5. Thanks for Chapter 59! Appreciated. Congrats about getting the horde through College. Sorry to hear about the fire at your church - idiots abound. Wishing you the best with the rest of the projects and always looking forward to moar of your work. Lake Lili

  6. Hi Tom - so CH 59 is up, but sounds like there is one more chapter to go? Do you know when it will be up? I'm waiting to re-read all of the books to start this one so I can read it all together :) Can't wait to get reading!

  7. I didn't even read the part about the arson at your church - I'm so sorry. I hope everyone is ok and that rebuilding is healing for everyone.


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