Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Internet radio interview this evening....

I've been asked by Bobby at Just Measures Radio Network to spend an hour with him on line this evening, from 7 to 8PM Pacific Daylight Time.  

I'm expecting that we'll talk about how the story came about, the research behind it, background information, perhaps where I'm taking the story next. 

Listen in if you have the chance!  Here's the link:

Never having done one of these before, this should be interesting....


  1. Hope the interview will be recorded so we can catch it later.

  2. You will do fine!


  3. dang, I missed it, looking at the website, there appear to be archives. What was the show's name you were on?

  4. Here is the link if you want to download the mp3 interview or just listen on your computer.

  5. Alright, I've been reading for weeks, starting with the accidently found Deep winter. Now I get this far into what has become an addiction and find the end of the road? Aaarrggg!

    Write fast, dear friend. My hands are starting to tremble.


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