Sunday, June 12, 2011

So, where've you been, Tom?

Working my tail off, mostly. 

Between my business, home obligations (trying to get the garden in this year proved interesting), Church commitments, and recent and upcoming travel, it's been difficult to stay ahead of it all.  All of the aforementioned have left me maybe a spare hour or two a week to make progress on Distance.  I'd like to say this will change soon, to be honest, I have no idea if it will get better. 

I did just get home this afternoon from a business trip that once again reminded me how lucky and blessed I am to have been born in the U.S. No disrespect at all to the country that I visited, but most Americans have NO IDEA HOW LUCKY THEY ARE. 

And with that, I'll try to find some time to hoe the potatoes and do some writing today. 

Take care, gang. 


  1. Tom

    we all have lives, we all have commitments, and those of us who read this do so as a reminder that we may not have much time left before we look like the rest of the world

    my 1st day at VMI I learned a very valuable lesson - the phrase 'No Excuse Sir!"

    write, don't write, no skin off most of our tails

    but you created the expectation by starting this book as an adjunct to Deep Winter

    so, make time ... or not ... but don't make excuses

  2. It has certainly been a less than garden friendly spring in the PNW. Good luck with your garden!

  3. Life sure can get busy especially with summer outside projects. I appreciate what you write when you have the time. It very good. Thank you!!

  4. The fact that you write these stories and share them with the rest of us is a great courtesy by you, thanks again for writing.

    And ignore any fools telling you about excuses


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